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Head Shots for Professionals

When it comes to marketing yourself, looking your best and having current Head Shots is key. After all first impressions are lasting and what better way to make a lasting impression then by having a killer headshot?

We are happy to offer our mini Head Shots session for the special price of just $175.00. This session last usually about 20-30 minutes and you will walk away with your favorite shot to spice up your portfolio. Feel free to bring a change of clothing, and if you like we can arrange for hair and makeup for an additional fee. Once your session is over you will chose your favorite shot and we will retouch it to perfection right in front of you. Of course if you would like more then just one shot you are free to purchase any or all the images we take for an additional $60.00 ea. Once we’ve finished the retouching process we will send you a link to download your new headshot right to your phone or CPU. You can also purchase an optional USB drive for $60.00. No waiting days or weeks to receive, most clients will receive the finished files within an hour or two.

Does your company need to update it’s Head Shots? We would be happy to travel to your business with our onsite studio and photograph your personnel. There is a $275.00 mobile setup fee and the price after that is $105.00 per person – 5 person minimum. You will receive on high-res and one web-ready digital file of each participant within 3 days of the shoot. Contact us for further details.

It’s just one way we stand out from the crowd, so if you need a new headshot give us a call and set up your session! 281.770.4965


Do you have questions, or would you like to book a head shot session? Use this form to contact us and we'll get back to you asap! Also please include your phone number in the message area.