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One of the most challenging aspects of your engagement or family session is deciding what to wear. Of course you want to feel your best in the clothes you choose, and they should reflect your personality, but how do you know what will look best in photos. Add one or more persons to the equation and the problem of what to wear becomes quite daunting, after all, everyone wants to look their best, and what works for one person doesn’t always work for another. Here are a few tips for selecting what to wear for your family or engagement session.

1.) Take into consideration the locations and feel of the setting you will be photographed in. If you are going to be photographed in the country a more relaxed soft look is a good place to start (think bohiemian). But if your being photographed in the city, a more formal/dressy look may be a good idea.

2.) Patterns are fun, but not when they’re distracting from the subject – You! It’s best to select patterns that are not going to be the thing that stands out when you look at the photo, after all it’s your session, not a clothing commercial. Clothing with patterns should be balanced by clothing that complements that pattern or reduces the impact.

3.) Matchy/Matchy. Remember the days of matching sweat suits? Fortunately for us those days are long gone. Clothing disasters are not tolerated by today’s fashionistas, so if you’re planning on posting your images online, be careful you don’t end up on one of those “What were they thinking websites!”. Your choice of clothing should complement one another, not compete with one another or put you on the worst dressed list.

4.) Layering. Here in Houston it’s rarely cold enough to dress in layers, but when it is your options rapidly increase simply by adding to or taking away from well put together outfits. Sweaters, jackets, scarfs, and hats can really change your look without having to completely change your outfit. If you love clothing it’s a good idea to plan your engagement or family session for the cooler months such as November-February.

5.) Looking for outfits online? Keep in mind timing. When you order things online you want to have enough time to return them if they looked great in the photos but not on you. You should deal with companies that have a clear and easy return policy. Check for independent reviews of the online companies you’re considering so that you will be aware of their track record. Often times when purchasing from eBay, clothing is sized differently then here in the U.S., so it may be best to stay with companies based locally.

6.) Themed shoots. Here’s a cool idea that is catching on in recent years. The idea of doing themed shoots. If you choose to do a themed shoot, remember that your clothing should look authentic, not like a cheap costume that was bought from a discount store. There are many online sites you can purchase costumes from, just be careful to avoid the to-cheap-to-be-true sites. Etsy is a good place to find period clothing, but read the reviews, it can also be a box of chocolates.

As your photographer I am more than happy to have a look at what your planning on wearing and give  you my input. After all, I want your final product to look as good as possible, and clothing will play a greater roll then anything else next to your beautiful smiles and romantic moments. 😉

A great resource for clothing ideas is Pinterest. I’ve got a”What to Wear” board here: (https://www.pinterest.com/scottvillalobos/what-to-wear/) But don’t just go by what I like, click around and do your own searches to find just the right outfits to make you feel and look great!



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