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Frequently Asked Questions for your Houston Wedding Photographer

It seems like there are as many wedding websites for newly engaged brides-to-be as there are brides-to-be. Often times, if not simi-annually, these sites seek to help brides-to-be educate themselves about prospective wedding vendors. We’ve all seen the “Must Ask Questions” for selecting the perfect cake artist, florist, DJ, Coordinator, Videographer, etc, etc…. This holds especially true for the Wedding Photographer. Here are a few candid responses to just such questions.

Hey Scott, what is your style?    

I could tell you that Passion, Realism, Photojournalism, Romance, Spontaneous, Creative, & Dramatic, are the words that describe my style. But lets be honest here, doesn’t everybody say similar things? When was the last time you visited another Wedding Photographer’s site and they described their Photography as Boring, Staged, Contrived, or Confused? The truth is that sometimes after reading such descriptions there seems to be a huge disconnect between what is stated about the Photographer’s style and what is presented to the viewer. So when I’m asked what is my style, I often respond: “How would you describe my style?” I ask this because it doesn’t matter what I say, it matters what you see in the Photos I take.   

How long after the WEDDING will we receive our PHOTOS?

Most Wedding Photographers in the Houston market state between 6 and 8 weeks. Could this be because they are not full time photographers? Could it be that they are moonlighting and have to report to their full time job Mon-Friday? Maybe their busy with kids or just aren’t good at editing. The list of reasons is long and I often wonder why this is, after all, it only takes me about 2 weeks. Of course there are the occasions when I have it done in 1 week, or the rare occasion it takes me 3 weeks. But the reality is you can expect your Wedding Photos online and ready for you between 2-3 weeks, and sometimes as little as a week.

Will we have an online photo-gallery, and how long will our images be online?

Absolutely! All images go into an online gallery which is divided into categories for ease of viewing. So you won’t have to look through hundreds of photos to find the Groom’s getting ready shots, or the shots of the cake cutting. Your WEDDING day PHOTOS stay online for one full year and you can share your photos with family and friends directly from the online gallery. Once your gallery goes live you will be able to download copies of your WEDDING day directly to your computer. No waiting for a usb or cd. 

Will you travel for our WEDDING?

Ah, YEAH! I keep my passport current and up to date so I will absolutely travel anywhere in the world for your wedding. Travel fees are kept to a minimum, contact us for an exact quote.


I shoot the majority of weddings, there are occasions when the client op’s for an associate photographer.

How do we book you?

If you would like to meet me before you book we can schedule a consultation or speak over the phone. To reserve your WEDDING date a signed contract and a retainer of 50% is required. The outstanding balance is required 30 days before the WEDDING date.

Do you include Albums in your collections, what is the Album process, and how do we go about choosing what we like?

Yes, most of our collections include WEDDING ALBUMS. We believe in a simplified Album process, so I’ve made it easy for you. After the WEDDING is over I will select the images that tell the story of your WEDDING day and create a one-of-a-kind WEDDING album design. Once the design is ready I will have you in the studio for your Album Consultation where you will see the completed design, make any changes you like, select the size and cover materials, and then we place the order. If you are unhappy with any of the photos or layouts, or maybe you have some favorite images that are in the design, we add them at that time. We have found this the be the least stressful and most effective way to provide the highest quality experience for our WEDDING clients. Once ordered the turn around time is between 6-8 wks.

When do you shoot BRIDAL and ENGAGEMENT sessions?

Because our weekends are generally busy with WEDDINGS bridal and engagement sessions are usually shot during the week. But check with me to see if I have a free weekend as sometimes is the case. I like to shoot my engagement sessions two hours before sunset for the best light, but we are flexible if your schedule requires it. 

How many WEDDINGS do you photograph a year?

To provide the highest quality of service and keep the lights on we accept 25 WEDDINGS a year. This allows us to spend the time needed to make sure you receive the highest level of service and the best experience possible.

Why is there such a large gap in what WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS charge?

This is an excellent question and one I’m happy to answer. It is one of the most frequent questions asked among newer photographers and that is because many just have no idea how to run and maintain a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY business. At the same time you have the other end of the spectrum where the pricing seems to be geared exclusively toward the wealthy. I’ve seen pricing vary from $799-$10,000+. The budget photographer tends to be less experienced and may not understand what it cost to remain in business, what their advertising budget needs to be, how to allow for gear purchases, time requirements, allow for taxes, and how to compensate themselves. The higher end photographer may have expenses that demand the higher price tag because of location, target client, and years – sometimes decades of experience. There is an old saying that is especially true for too good to be true pricing. Many times it’s just that – too good to be true. So don’t get lured into low prices if your photography is as important to you as it is to me. At the same time, higher price is not a guarantee of quality. So do your home work and don’t let pricing be the soul factor when selecting your WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. After all, in the WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY business there are no do overs.

Say you get sick. What happens if you’re unable to shoot our WEDDING?

First I want you to know that your wedding photography is just as important to me as it is to you. (yes it is!) I belong to a few professional photography associations, such as the Professional Photographers of America, and the Professional Photographers Guild of Houston. If I were unable to shoot your WEDDING, my second shooter would be able to handle your event, but what if the unthinkable happened? I have given this some thought and I have created what I refer to as the circle of trust. It is a collective of a few select photographers that are friends and familiar with my style, my studio management software, and my image filing process. Anyone of these persons would be able to step into my office and take over the business in my absence, and I would be able to do the same for them. 

I’m a bit of a photography nerd myself. What type of gear do you use?

Only the best most dependable gear will do so I use only the best Camera bodies and lenses. At anytime I will have two Canon camera bodies in my bag, a 1DX and a 5D3. Both are loaded with dual memory cards, one acts as a back up of the primary card for redundancy, so your images are safe. I use an array of Canon L series and Sigma Art series lenses. I have several 600EX-RT strobes as well as a Profoto B2 Air flash unit.  

How do I know my WEDDING PHOTOS are safe?

In a perfect world there would never be hard drive failures, or corrupted memory cards. Unfortunately we don’t live a perfect world and so it is important to know that your memories are as safe as possible, and this begins with image capture. A memory card is not a memory card, so we spare no expense in this area. After all what good would it do to have captured your WEDDING DAY memories only to find the images were stored on a corrupt or damaged memory card? So I use dual Lexar Professional Compact Flash and SD cards. This means that your memories are on two separate cards, so if one goes bad there a copy on the other card. Next your images are stored in three separate places, one set on an external hard drive, another set on what is called a NAS drive, and a third set is stored online. It’s a trifecta of protection!



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