Sapna and Grant met last April and it didn’t take them long before they knew they had met the person they would spend their lives with. Introduced by a mutual friend/match maker, a late night rendezvous quickly ensued. The night wouldn’t end without Grant snatching Sapna’s number from the girlfriend turned valentine. It would only take Grant 7 months to propose atop the Spindletop revolving restaurant in downtown Houston. Being a bit of a prankster Grant presented Sapna with an empty ring box earlier that day. The fake out was easy since Grant was having his mother’s center stone placed in the ring. “It’s a custom job and just isn’t ready yet…” Sapna fell for it hook, line, and sinker. However, while at the restaurant the couple was about to have their photo taken when Sapna looked away for a sec, the next thing she knew there was Grant on bended knee with the finished ring in hand.  For the nuptials, the happy couple has selected the beautiful Bell Tower on 34th Street, to be held early 2016.

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