Hi, I am Scott Villalobos.

Seems like everybody is an award winning photographer these days. Me, I'm more of a hopeless romantic with a camera. It's been a love affair for me since Jr. High School. I've spent the last decade photographing hundreds of brides and grooms on their big day and I still love every minute of it.

I'm also a father and husband. I love the outdoors and exploring new places. Meeting and photographing people is what I'm passionate about. When I'm not shooting weddings I photograph nature, it's calming, ever-changing, and it's helps me connect with my spiritual side. I also love to take our dog Cali for walks. She's a 7 month old Irish Setter who hasn't quite figured out what to make of squirrels. On the bright side, she loves to help me cook, (somehow I've convinced her I'm good at it.) and her long legs have gotten her into more then her share of trouble. My wife keeps telling me she'll grow out of it - Me, I'm not totally convinced of that.

Then there's the other love of my life, Freckles. She's a small redish/brown and white Cocker Spaniel. You'd be hard pressed to find her without a tennis ball in her mouth, ever at the ready for a good game of fetch. Sometimes I think her elevator is a little bit stuck between floors, as she likes to spin in circles chasing her tail when excited, which is most of the time. If you're ever at my house and you hear thumping into to walls, that'll be her blowing into the gulf like a cat 5 hurricane - hurricane "Freckles".

Houston and Destination Wedding Photographer Scott Villalobos



“We cannot get over our wedding photos. Timeless, romantic portraits and amazing shots of the endless dancing at the reception. We’re sad the day is over but so thankful we have all these memories to look back on! Thank you Scott for everything!!”