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How did I get into photography

It's a love affair really. Its been a passion of mine since I was in Jr. High School. I continued to pursued it thru High School and into College. I worked as a photo journalist, a photographers mate in the Navy, as well as a wedding and portrait photographer. Now I feel I've come full circle. I've realized that I could combine my love for photography with my love of animals and relationships. Seeing the photos that result is the greatest reward of all.

My First Love, Wilbur

My love of dogs began with a Saint Bernard named Wilbur, or Wink-a-poo as we affectionately called him. My first pet, buddy, running partner, pillow, and protector of all things good and right with the world. My early childhood years were Wilbur and me, always together, inseparable.
Eventually and at my mom's urging, I would show him. At first we would get 3rd or 4th place, but as our bond grew and I learned what I was doing we began to win. We grew together and I started competing in the "Jr. Handler" category as well. Our advantage was the bond we had, a boy and his dog, some kind of magic that even the older handlers didn't quite understand because for them it was about winning, for Wilbur and me it was about our relationship, something that can't be trained. If you know about dog shows, winning best Jr. Handler would pit you against the senior handlers in a one to one show down for "Best Handler of Show". Eventually I would be beating them as well, something they would passionately dispute. Ultimately Wilbur became a champion.
As time went on my mom lost her passion for the shows and that part of our lives ended. Wilbur and me shared many adventures, we were inseparable, inseparable that is until one day I came home from school and learned that my parents had given him away as well as our other two Saint Bernards, Belinda and Floyd, and thereby closing this chapter of my life. I was heart broken and even now I still feel the pain of that wound. I will never forget Wilbur, he was my best friend. He was my heart dog, my childhood soul mate.

My First Horse, Sassy

With horses it was different. As a kid our family would go horseback riding at various rental facilities and I loved it. Eventually I married a girl with a horse named Ricky. Wendy and I later purchased another horse named Sassy. Sassy was fiesty. A barrel racer at heart who cornered like an "M" series BMW. But Sassy had one small hang up. The "Water Monster". She hated water, was terrified of it. A dirty little secret the previous owner forgot to mention when we bought her. As fate would have it, it wouldn't take long to figure it out. One day on a ride along the lake near our house we were minding our own business and galloping along when out of nowhere she hit the brakes and hit them hard - hard to the point she slid sideways and me and the saddle (which was cinched fairly tightly I might add) went for a spin. Once the dust settled there I hung, quite nearly to the ground dangling for my life. Pulled a few muscles in my shoulder, thighs, and core that day, and eventually that hand sized section of Sassy's mane grew back. What unimaginable evil could have caused such an upset to our ride? A six inch ribbon of water running across our path. Together we met and overcame her fear of the water-monster, but it took a bit of time and convincing, for I believe she was certain that water meant death and dismemberment of the worst sort. Sassy was an amazing horse.

Why It's Important to You...

I can never get those years with Wilbur and Sassy back. While the memories remain, I have only a few photos of them, none of which are professional quality, but I cherish them so very much. As a photographer I am uniquely qualified to help you never loose the memory of your beloved pets. To be able to see them even when they are no longer with you.

No doubt you feel the same way about your pet as I did about mine. It's something we share in common, something that people without pets cannot understand. There are some animals that come into our lives that shape who we are, they teach us how to love and how to be loved. They comfort us when we are troubled, they play with us when we are happy, and God knows they love to share our food and affections.

Wilbur and Sassy may no longer be here, but they will always be the champions of my heart and I will never forget them. I wish I had more and better photos of them, but I don't. That said, I don't think there can be any gift quite like a photograph of a beloved animal that you will cherish for all time. And there is no better way to share their memory then thru imagery that captures their personality, beauty, and the special connection you share with them. This is why it is important to me, because it is so very important to you.

Capturing Memories

what session if right for me?

Whether you have a horse or a hound, choosing the right session will depend on your expectations. Well trained animals will have a higher number of keeper images then untrained. You can always add additional time to your shoot or upgrade your package if we find that your beloved pet isn't preforming at their best.

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“Whether horse or hound, that will depend on training. Is he or she well trained? If not you may require more time to capture a good variety of images. You also will need to consider what your hoping to walk away with.”

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Creating Works of Art

adorning your home & heart

Many people say they are fine art photographers and yet they deliver only digital products which all to often never see a frame or a wall. Creating real art goes beyond that. We offer a truly amazing collection of modern products to adorn your home and your heart with, including handcrafted Italian made fine art albums. After all, shouldn't your memories last longer than your last Instagram post?

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How Far Do You Travel?

All prices include travel in the greater Houston area, or up to 60 miles from the 77041 zip code. I also offer a travel inclusive package for out of state clients. For clients residing out of greater Houston area please contact for travel fee info.

What is the Booking Process?

Booking is easy. Once you've decided on your shoot you need only pay the session fee. We will set the shoot date and time as well as the location. Once your session is complete, we will get to work editing and notify you once your images are ready for review.

Where Will the Shoot Take Place?

The shoot will take place at your property, boarding facility, or a location of your choosing. You are responsible for any permissions as well as transportation for the horse and tack. If you don't have a good location and are able to transport the horse I have a few locations that are nice. For black background portraits you need access to a dark barn aisle way.

I generally will shoot at a park or wooded location in the general area. However if you have a favorite spot that is especially beautiful, just let me know and we can work out the details.

How Long Before My Photos Are Available?

Generally the initial images are available within a week, at which point we will schedule your portrait reveal session. For digital products included in your package, they will be available at your review session. All final images are then retouched and edited for print. Prints are received within two weeks of order date, albums arrive 6-8 weeks from design approval.

What Is A Pinterest Inspiration Board?

An inspiration board is how we determine the style of shoot you want. If you're not familiar with Pinterest Inspiration Boards, no worries. We will send you a link to a sample and explain how you can save your favorite ideas to your own customized board.

What Does Styling Consultation Entail?

Styling your shoot is extremely important. It's thinking beyond cool pictures and outfits. Its considering not only how good you look in those outfits, but how they look with your horse or hound, where you intend to hang your art in your home, what type of framing will look best with wall color and furniture, etc. All of this plays a major roll in how well your finished artwork adorns both you and your home.

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